Welcome, we are the manufacturers of touring quad bikes.

What does the ATV tour include?

First of all, it is worth mentioning our location Kojori, which is 16 kilometers from Tbilisi. You will get to Kojor - the ancient resort, which was the summer residence of Georgian kings at different times and is still distinguished by its unique forest and climate. Kojor is an all-season resort - you can escape from the heat of the city in the summer, and relax in the snow-covered environment in the winter.

As for our technique, which is really outstanding, it consists of 4 quadricycles at this stage. 1 quad bike is reserved for the instructor and the rest of the quad bikes will accommodate our customers. 2 people can sit on the quad bike. That is, at this stage we can provide one 7-person tour.

Our garage consists of 2020-2021 Kanami and Yamaha brand ATVs designed specifically for such extreme fun.

Why us?

We offer the best service and experience