Quadratures & AIRSOFT

(14 kilometers, the price is indicated for one quad bike. Two people sit on the quad bike) 120 GEL

What makes our Airsoft arena special and unique is the location, which is located in the middle of the forest, and the fact that transportation to the said location is done by quad bikes. The rules are very simple and the instructors will explain them to you on the spot.

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Price for quadro tours [ field5 ] 

When renting a quad bike, note that it is mandatory to rent a second quad bike for the instructor, the cost of the instructor and the tour is identical.

When renting an ATV, note that it is mandatory to rent a second ATV for the instructor.

The cost of the instructor is the same as the cost of the tour.

In total, we have 4 quad bikes, 2 people sit on 1 quad bike.

Also, the instructor can take 1 person on the 4th quad bike.